August 12, 2010

New BATMAN, INC. Comic Book #1 Cover Artwork

Yesterday we showed you a picture of the new bat-suit that Batman will be wearing in the comic books but today we have a way better example ( Click on it for a larger size ). This picture shows the full-length figure of the Dark Knight & it gives you a way better idea of how the suit will look. I mean, we get to see the total costume as a whole. This is the original cover art for the first issue of "Batman, Inc." & was drawn by Yanick Paquet. I think this graphic is pretty awesome & would make an excellent poster. So, what do YOU think about it? I'm asking because this picture is a better example & gives us all a greater idea on the final look. Plus, I was just thinking: Shouldn't this be called a "uniform" instead of a "costume"? I mean, it is what he "wears to work", ha!


Trish said...

LOL I love the new look. And they should start calling it a uniform. A costume is something that is worn to a party. Batman wears his suit to work. LOL I'm really loving how they brought back the yellow oval for the Bat symbol. I've always been a little part and partial to the yellow oval. It's what makes the suit work for me. Like a bright badge on a police officer's uniform. But overall the suit looks great! And well, Batman looks good in anything. LOL

Anonymous said...

What about this drawing of new uniform

David said...

Technically a "uniform" is something you wear to conform to the regulations or customs of a larger group, or as Wikipedia puts it "a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity." That's why even something as little as wearing a cap at a slant or failing to button a pocket can get a soldier reprimanded for being "out of uniform"(-ity).

So unless Bruce is going to spend a lot of time at ComicCon, I don't think the term applies. :-)

But he could still call it his "workclothes" or better yet, just "the suit."

Shazamaholic said...

It looks like a throwback to the uniform from the Tim Burton movies. I like it.