April 24, 2010

Leon's 1966 BATMAN TV SHOW HOMAGE Pop Art Paintings!

OK, Does everybody remember when we showed our friend Leon's amazing 1966 Batman Bat-Suit Costume he made & the cool manikin he found to display it? He even went on to create a wall mural as a background for the thing, it's really cool! Well, it looks like he hasn't stopped there! Shown here are 2 extremely awesome POP ART Paintings that have been done with imagery from the classic 60's TV Series. One of them looks like a color photo showing Adam West & Burt Ward in costume on the set. The 2nd one is an image from the animated intro to the TV show. They're both really well done. Thanks Leon for keeping us up to date on this project, you guys are doing super-great stuff here!
(( Important Side Note: The Bat-Blog made the 1st image of Batman & Robin as a Desktop Wallpaper Background, enjoy! ))
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1 comment:

ozz said...

Is Leon the artist of the painting in the first photo? Either or, it's a cool painting.