April 25, 2010

ART - Chris Mason's JOKER STEALING THE 1966 BATMOBILE Painting

OK, I know I'm on sort of a "Batman-inspired Art Kick" recently but we have been getting a ton of cool submissions from Bat-Blog Fans. Plus, I can't help it that my readers are smart, creative, talented people ( ha! ). Here's a great example of that creativity in action. This Pop Art Painting was done by our good friend Chris Mason. It shows "The Joker stealing the '66 Batmobile". You know the car, it's the George Barris Custom, otherwise known as the 1966 TV Show version, a total fan favorite! It's done in that famous Ed "Big Daddy" Roth style that was originated in the Hot Rod Culture of the 1960's. Just think about those old vintage "Weird-O's" toys & model kits. Then you'll know what I'm sayin'! But regardless, the artwork here is just totally great! Actually, I mean to say... completely beautiful! The pictures shown here sort of explain their selves but basically you have a close-up detail shot ( the 1st pic ), a nice picture showing the work in progress, then some photographic proof of Chris actually doing the painting ( in case you don't believe us, ha ha! ), & finally the completed work. Now the last graphic, showing the final artwork, it's BIG enough ( if you click on it ) to be made into a Wallpaper Background for your PC. Yes, that's a bonus! Not only do you get some beautiful eye-candy to look at but you also receive a souvenir of the special moment. Yeah, the Bat-Blog is pretty awesome, I know ( just kidding ). Actually if you'd like to see more of Chris' work you can visit his Facebook page by clicking HERE! The only problem is I think you have to be a member to sign-in to see it but it's all worth it. Plus, if you're a member ( or become a member ) you should join the Bat-Blog while you're there, our link is the button down below. Please join us!
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CM said...

TOMMY thanks so much for the great article!

I may be making 'prints' of this JOKER, so anyone who is interested feel free to contact me!

Thanks again Tommy!