November 30, 2009

Ernest's Custom BATMAN Bat-Signal TRUCK LIGHTS!

OK, you might remember some photos the other day of Ernest's Batman Toy Collection. He has some really great stuff but 1 item made me sort of curious & I asked him about those. They were these "Custom Bat-Signal Light Covers". I wondered what they actually look like ON his truck & he was generous enough to take the time to shoot these very cool pics! Thanks Ernest. These Batman Light Covers are a very clever idea! I mean, some Car Accessory Company should totally make these! They look pretty cool during the day but when they are lit-up at night they're really great! The bat-shapes hold-up very well & I have to wonder if they project a bat-signal on to another surface, that's funny! I know the "night time" photo must have been hard to get but it turned out great, thanks! Readers, he even shot some pics of the trucks interior where he has Batman Floor Mats, Batman Steering Wheel Cover, & a Bat-Symbol Keychain hanging from his rear-view mirror. These are all items you can find at your local Auto Parts Stores ( I have some floor mats that are sort of like these, just a little different. I like the ones that Ernest has a lot better! ).


Our Buddy Zack was kind enough to send us some photos of his cool Batman Toy Collection. Well, part of it anyway. He explained that this is about 1/4th of his total collection & he plans to take more pics when he gets the time. But for right now all this stuff is pretty neat to see! The 1st photo is an over-all shot of 2 shelves on one wall & the other 2 pictures are close-ups of each shelf. Most of the collection looks like newer stuff from "The Dark Knight" movie and I also see some vintage items from the Tim Burton 1989 Bat-movie too! There are even a few items from the "Batman: The Animated Series" era...very cool! I imagine that one day he will have to move to another location because his collection has got too big, ha ha! That seems to be a major problem with ALL Batman Collectors. There is so much stuff that you practically need a HUGE warehouse to store it all. But for me that's what makes it such a great challenge. It can, literally, take an entire lifetime to acquire never ends & that's great! Most toy collectors end up finding every item in their category they collect & it's over. Not with Batman stuff!! Thanks for sending us these photos Zack. You have an awesome collection & I really like how things are displayed! As always I want to invite all Bat-Blog Fans to send us their photos of anything Batman-related!

November 29, 2009

Photo: CATWOMAN TATTOO ART By Artist Josh Reynolds

Here's a recent Batman-Style Tattoo done by the Famous Tattoo Artist Josh Reynolds. It's a very detailed piece of art! ( Be sure to click on it for a larger, more detailed, photo ). Of course, it's CATWOMAN from the 1992 Batman Returns movie. The thing that's co cool about it is that it looks EXACTLY like Michelle Pfeiffer! Josh is really good at the "Photo-Realistic" tattoos. In fact, if you're interested in seeing more of his artwork ( both tattoo art & paintings ) then just click right HERE!
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!

Funny BATMAN HUMOR Comic Strip & Pictures

This post is just a random sampling of some funny Batman humor...ha ha! Be sure to click on the "comic strip" so it's large enough to read & thanks to everybody who mailed these in, you guys ROCK!

News Break: Two-Face & Poison Ivy Terrorize Oklahoma City!

Last Halloween 2 friends of mine dressed-up as Batman Villains. Their costumes were really well done & here's the photos to prove it! Josh was Two-Face & Jenna was Poison Ivy. I have to admit that both costumes are extremely impressive! Good Job guys & thanks for the cool pics.

November 28, 2009

Ernest's Cool BATMAN LOGO & BATMOBILE Toy Collection!

OK, I have said it a million times & I totally mean it, I love to see other people's Batman Toy Collections! It's always a game of "I got that, I want that, where did he get that?", ha ha! Here are some pics sent in to us by a Bat-Blog Fan named Ernest. He says that his main focus are the Batmobile Cars & just about anything with the famous "Yellow Oval" Batman Symbol Logo. I gotta say that there are some very cool items here! Of course it's almost impossible to pick out a favorite item here because everything is so awesome but I have to say that I really love the HUGE Remote Control Batmobile Car! I remember when it came out & I couldn't afford it at the time. But, someday, IT WILL BE MINE! Another neat thing to mention are the 2 Custom Driving-Light Covers that Ernest made. They are those 2 "Flat Yellow Circles" with Bat-Symbols cut-out of them that you can see in the bottom-center of the very last photo. They were made to fit the large Driving Lights on the front of his truck! These must look pretty cool all lit-up. Ernest, ya gotta send us a photo of that! In the mean time, I wanna thank you for taking the time to shoot all these great pics. Plus, you have the start of an amazing Batman Collection, keep it up! I want to invite ALL Bat-Blog Readers to send us photos of your us what you got!

Marvin Law's Special BATMAN KIDS STORY Comic Book Artwork

The 3 Batman Comic Book Pages you see here were a part of the CAPMA Promo Awards event. They offered a custom comic book story as a prize during the intermission. These were drawn by our friend Marvin Law who said, "It was an interesting challenge to draw a short story that was finished in just 3 pages, and featured no violence whatsoever." That is cool! Thanks Marvin for the update & sending the nice pics. Yes, the artwork is really great & I like how the entire story is told with NO words. The pictures just speak for themselves...great job! ( Readers, be sure to click on the above pictures for larger versions ). Bat-Blog Fans, if you would like to see some more amazing artwork by this talented artist then be sure to click HERE!

Bruce Timm To Receive 2009 Winsor McCay Award ( Batman: The Animated Series )

ASIFA-Hollywood has announced that Bruce Timm has been named one of the winners of the 2009 Winsor McCay Awards, granted in recognition for career contributions to the field of animation. The recipients will receive their trophies at the 2010 Annie Awards scheduled for February 6, 2010. Of course Mr. Timm is most know for his Art Direction in Batman: The Animated Series. Being that B:TAS is the VERY BEST Cartoon in the History of Animation, this award is well deserved! Congratulations Bruce Timm.

November 27, 2009

Video Mash-Up: 1966 Live Action Batman TV Show X 1977 Adventures of Batman & Robin Cartoon!

Here's a very well-done mash-up video combining VIDEO of the actors in the live action 1966 Batman TV Show with the AUDIO of "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" 1977 animated cartoon series. The thing that's kinda cool is that Adam West & Burt Ward actually did the voices for the cartoon, so it matches-up very well.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

Fans Go Bat-Crazy Over Tim Burton's 1989 Batman Movie!

Ya' know, a lot of younger Batman Fans today totally forget ( or don't even know about ) how people back in 1989 went totally bat-crazy over Tim Burton's 1st Batman movie! I mean, it was almost equal to the craziness stirred-up by the 1977 Star Wars movie. People dressed-up like the characters, there were lines of people that went around the block, people camped-out for tickets for days, some theaters even dropped another movie so they could show "Batman" on more than one was crazy! Well, here's a funny vintage newspaper story I found on a website called "Fantastic Flashbacks". It shows a few Batman Movie Fans wearing THE JOKER make-up & costumes ( Jack Nicholson version ) at an opening in California. Now I plan to feature some more of this kind of news coverage from the past so if any readers have something similar then please let me know. In the mean time, if you're interested in visiting the "Fantastic Flashbacks" blog then do so by clicking HERE!

November 26, 2009

Beautiful BOX ART for the 1967 Aurora Batman TV Batcycle Model Kit

I received a very excellent photo in my e-mail box this morning from our friend Ed ( Be sure to click on the picture up above for a larger, more detailed, photo ). He wrote, "It's the box art for the 1967 Aurora Batcycle Model Kit. This comes courtesy of the Box-Art Den Yahoo Group. The Group owners take scans of plastic model boxes, regardless of condition, and restores the artwork. Once a week they offer high resolution scans for free download, or you can purchase high resolution prints from them of restored box art. The Batcycle was this week's offering." WOW! Thanks Ed, this artwork is completely beautiful!! Seriously, I love the Vintage Graphics. If any readers would like to join the group you can CLICK HERE for more details!

Ralph Meets Adam West ( 1966 TV Batman Actor )

A Good Bat-Blog Citizen, named Ralph, sent us this amazing photo of the time he got to meet Adam West on the set of "Living in TV Land". Mr. West even wore a special Batman Cowl for the photo! Oh man, that totally cracks me up! Adam is known for having a very dry sense of humor & he likes to play a lot of practical jokes. Knowing what a HUGE Batman Fan Ralph is he must have been freaked out when getting this picture taken. It is pretty cool! Thank you Ralph for sharing this wonderful pic, it's great! ( If any other Bat-Blog Readers have met any of the actors or artists affliated with the Batman character then please send us a photo today! )

November 25, 2009

More New BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game T-Shirts!!

The major buzz with many Video Gaming websites is that the new Batman game will easily be THE BEST VIDEO GAME OF THE YEAR! Yeah, I'm talking about the new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM! The cool thing is that they are starting to market a few products that tie into the franchise. Awhile back they made 3 different B:AA T-Shirts that proved to be quite popular so they have now made a few more. Here we get to see the beautiful HARLEY QUINN T-Shirt, a JOKER T-Shirt ( with his face cut open, creepy! ), & a clean simple BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Logo. They have even made some that look like "Patient Uniforms" ( not shown here ). If you would like to know where to buy these cool Batman T-Shirts I have added a link button down below.
CLICK HERE To Visit The Official BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game T-Shirt Shirts Website!!

1966 BATMAN MOVIE - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

This week I thought I would post some "Blast from the Past" Batman Wallpapers! So, here are some Desktop Wallpaper Background images from the Classic 1966 Batman Movie! The fun thing is we get to see Batman ( Adam West ), Robin The Boy Wonder ( Burt Ward ), The Joker ( Cesar Romero ), The Riddler ( Frank Gorshin ), & Penguin ( Burgess Meredith ) in all their crazy-zany glory...IN COLOR!!
CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

Video: BATMAN vs MR. CLEAN Wrestling Championship Video Game Footage!

Here's a funny video where characters in a Wrestling Video Game have been replaced by MODS. Basically, a "mod" is a program source-code that gamers share to place within a video game to replace the look of certain characters. This one used Batman & Mr. Clean! It's kinda funny to watch. So, who do YOU think wins the event? Watch & find out! ( Some Bat-Blog Readers who live outside the USA might not be familiar with Mr. Clean but he's an Advertising Mascot for cleaning products. Here's a pic of him down below ).

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

November 24, 2009

Batman Halloween Costumes: Batgirl & The Joker!

Last Halloween my girlfriend & her best friend went around town to a few clubs & parties. They were dressed as very sexy "Vampire Babes"! Outside, at one bar, they saw these people all dressed-up & they knew they had to get some pics for the Bat-Blog. All of their bat-costumes were pretty cool. Shown here, we have a very Hot Batgirl & a totally Crazy Joker! He looks like he just broke out of Arkham Asylum, ha ha! Thank you to Kandye & Ducki for getting these very cool photos!

Photo: John Meets Batman!! ( Adam West )

I just met a guy over at Facebook who says he got to meet Batman. His name is John & if you don't believe him, well, he has photographic proof!! Shown here is John shaking the hand of the Original 1966 Batman TV Show actor Adam West! Now, how cool is that!? Thanks John for letting me post this fun photo. Getting to meet Adam West in person is always a treat because he's such a cool guy! If any other Bat-Blog Readers have met ANY of the "Batman Actors" ( TV, Cartoon Voice Actors, Movie Stars, etc....) then please send us a photo today.

Reference Photos: BATMAN TOY COLLECTION in Australia!

I love meeting other Batman Collectors from all over the globe & getting to see what toys they have, it's kinda cool. Well, recently I got an e-mail from a guy who lives in Australia & he collected Bat-Memorabilia from 1989-1997. His name is Darren Maxwell & the photos you see are just a very small part of his entire collection. Now, the thing is, he doesn't collect Batman stuff anymore. I'm guessing he ran out of room in his house & can't buy anymore, ha! I can sort of understand that. Also, I gotta say that I totally stole these pics from his personal website. If you go there you can see most of his collection & it's very interesting. Besides a lot of great photos he also explains a lot about what these items are. It's kinda funny & very informative. You can visit his website by clicking HERE! Oh yeah, when you get there find the "Batman Toy Room" text button near the top-center of the page.

November 23, 2009

Batman Toy: THE JOKER Nestle Cereal Box Premium WALLPAPER BACKGROUND

Awhile back I got an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Fan who took a few photos of her favorite Batman Toys. Well, actually they were mostly toys of the Joker, but you get the idea! Her name is Biadza & this is a photo of THE JOKER ( Heath Ledger version ) Cereal Premium Figure in her collection. The pic was kinda BIG so I thought it would make a pretty cool Desktop Wallpaper Background. This is the Free Toy inside THE DARK KNIGHT Cereal Box Promo that Nestle did when the movie was going on. Now the extra cool thing is that she lives in Paris. So, this is the European version of that toy. Like the ones in the USA, there were 4 figures to collect but there they were slightly different. Plus, they made one of The Scarecrow which was not even available here. Thank you Biadza for sending the pics. I plan to post the other ones later so keep an eye out for those. I want to invite other Bat-Blog Readers to share pics of their toy collections too. I always love to see what other people have, ha ha!
CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

The BAT-FAMILY Batman Costume Photo Shoot!

Last Halloween our good friends Dallas & Daria went to a fundraiser event dressed as Batman & Catwoman. They also dressed their son Xander as Robin, The Boy Wonder! The costumes were really awesome but the cool thing was that they had their family portrait done by a Professional Photographer. Here are the pics: The 1st one is sort of a regular family snap shot but it's so cool because they're all in costume. Now the 2nd one is my personal favorite because it's a little more creative & very cute. Daria is holding her son up in the air & he's laughing while Dad is proudly looking up at him, very sweet & a clever composition. I think when Xander gets to be a lot older he's going to really cherish all these photos. The last one is pretty good too. It's sort of an "action shot" where everyone is a little more dynamic. Overall they're all really great & so are the costumes. Thanks to the "Bat-Family" for sharing these wonderful photos, Good Job!