September 29, 2009

Video: HOT TOYS DX Series JOKER FIGURE ( The Dark Knight movie ) PERS Demonstration

OK, Some Readers are gonna ask, "What's the PERS System?". Well, in the newer Deluxe Versions of THE DARK KNIGHT Movie Figures made by HOT TOYS the heads now have a special system where you can make the eyes move very realistically. In fact, PERS is an abbreviation of "Parallel Eyeball Rolling System". It sort of reminds me a little of the "Eagle Eyes" that Hasbro put on their 12" GI Joe Dolls toward the end of that line ( Yes, I call them dolls & NOT action figures, ha ha ). But this new PERS invention is way more advanced. So far they have added this new technology to their 2 brand-new DX01 Batman & Joker figures. It's really cool!

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Hartter said...

too cool...and creepy

ozz said...

That's creepy, freaky and eerie!


Andrew Haxley said...

Wow Hot Toys does an incredible job on their range of 1/6 scale figures and i gotta say it looks awesome,

Of course we don't have money so i can't really afford this Hot Toys The Dark Knight Dx-01 The Joker doll. Ha ha! But what i do know is that Hot Toys seems to do a good job everytime at this.

Of course what i do remember is that when the old Hasbro G.I. Joe dolls were made, They had the same P.E.R.S. system where you could move the eyes in a realistic fashion. Since then the line has been cancelled and Hot Toys also made their new Dx line which is the series with all of their figures.

So basically each figure in the line will have some sort of new technology and functions which makes the eyes move pretty much like the real eye could. And this is just really nice, Thanks for the video and have a great day, Also you are nice Bat-Blog.