April 11, 2009


Over at my Facebook account I have a friend named J.R. Williams. Recently he loaded a few pictures in his gallery showing some recent artwork he did for an art show. Two of them were "Batman-related" so I thought I would share them here. They look like paintings done in watercolor. The coloring is done very well. I know Bat-Blog Readers will love them because they feature Batman! I really really like these & every time I see them I totally crack-up, they're hilarious! ( Oh yeah, since I mentioned Facebook I gotta ask that if you're a member there then please send me a friend request. My "Facebook Button" is located on the top right-hand side of this age ).

1 comment:

ozz said...

I like the first one. The Batman gets in a little 'action' of a different kind! A redhead wearing green? That's Poison Ivy, right? Ha.