April 11, 2009

Video: Comic Book Artist LEE BERMEJO Draws The JOKER!

Here's an awesome video shot recently at the Angouleme Festival 2009 in France. It shows Lee Bermejo sketching the Prince of Crime himself, the Joker! Of course Lee Bermejo was the artist who drew the new JOKER graphic Novel so this will be a major hit with all of his fans I'm sure. I know that I personally really love this guy's work so this is a treat to see, hope you enjoy it too. Thank you David for sending me the link, I really appreciate that.
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Comic Box said...

Hi. Since you're apparently fan(s) of Batman and of the Batverse, here are some more bat-related videos shooted by the same site:
We've Batman by Simone Bianchi:

The Joker by Liam Sharp:

And a Batman by Gabriele Dell'Otto in two parts: http://www.comicbox.com/index.phphttp://www.comicbox.com/index.php/news/cb-live-gabriele-dell%E2%80%99otto-2/ AND http://www.comicbox.com/index.php/news/cb-live-gabriele-dellotto-3/

Hope you don't consider that as spam, just thought it would interest you :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a great video; I watched all 20 minutes of it utterly entranced (after a while I turned the music track off; the loop is too short). I can probably draw a stick figure, so am awed at someone who can sketch out a figure and gradually bring it to life with so much attention to depth, shadow and light, expression, texture. Thanks so much! It's like a master class for aspiring illustrators!

ozz said...

Oh no! I got a message saying technical difficulties were preventing it from loading!

Is it really 20 minutes?

Anonymous said...

Try it again; it worked fine for me (and it's a French link on an American site that I'm checking out in Canada). Yes, it is 20 minutes: he starts with a pencil sketch, then fills in the details with a very fine pen (roughly in this order: face, hair, coat, shirt and vest), then with a wider-nib pen adds shadow and depth and texture all around, then erases the pencil marks.