March 23, 2009

Cool Japanese Batman Toys : Past & Present

As an obsessed Batman Toy Collector I totally love the "foreign stuff". A lot of collectors do because this merchandise, even with eBay's influence, never reaches the USA that often & when you come across it it's always super-RARE. I have always loved Japan & Japanese culture so to see bat-products made there has always been a treat. Here's just a few examples: The 1st photo is one of those wind-up figures of a "Movie Version Batman". From the look of it I would guess it was made during the "Batman Returns" period. I love the goofy look of this figure, it's great! The next item, this wonderful Batmobile Toy Car, came out during the 1992 Batman Returns movie. I love the graphics of the Bat-Signal shining over the skyline of Gotham City on the original box, very cool. The 3rd pic is something that's a little older because it came out during the first 1989 Batman Movie. They really went nuts merchandising that movie & even today there's a ton of products from that era. This wacky toy is a SOUND ARM Costume Piece. It was a bat-gadget thing you wore on your arm & it made a lot of different sounds. I bet it drove parents completely crazy with the bing bing boing boing sound-action, ha ha! The last photo is something that just came out maybe a year or two ago, in other words, it's pretty new. It's a pair of Batman Snow Boots. I always love the little kid's Batman slippers & shoes...they're so cute & great for display. Plus, if you don't buy them brand-new most of the time they're kinda hard to find on the "secondary market". Mainly because children totally wear them out! The graphics on this pair are AWESOME! I guess, as a last thing to say, if ANY Bat-Blog Readers have any photos of "foreign items" ( Both new or Vintage & not just from Japan, but from anywhere ) then please send them in to us. Remember, sharing the love of collecting is what the Bat-Blog is all about!


Jay Amabile said...

The first wind up toy pictured is really funny looking! What a find!

Anonymous said...

Im looking for a tiny die cast 1960's batmobile that had a knife blade pop out and sparks shoot out the back and the exhaust had red "points" pop in and out. it was hotwheels scale and had batman and robin itting in it... I odnt know what its called or who made it so i cant find it online... I remember playing around with one many years ago. (