March 22, 2009

Vintage 1980 Underoos Batman Product TV Commercial

This Vintage TV Commercial will bring back fond memories to anybody who is over the age of 30! It's for a famous product called UNDEROOS which were basically little kid's underwear made to look like superhero costumes. I know that I personally had the ones of Superman, Batman, & The Flash, ha ha! My sister had the Wonder Woman set & practically lived in them, ha ha!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!


Jay Amabile said...

It looks like we all had similar situations: I had the Batman ones, and my sis had Wonder Woman lol

The Batfan said...

had batman, Flash, superman and aquaman which I would wear in the pool at home LMAO , I have a Mint sealed set of batgirls ones in my collection I have been looking for a sealed set of batman and robin for 20 years if you have some give me a shout :)