August 26, 2008

DC DIRECT 10th Anniversary BATMAN & JOKER Action Figures SDCC 2008 Exclusives

If you were lucky enough to go to the last San Diego Comic Con 2008 then you could have bought these 2 Exclusive Action Figures of BATMAN & The JOKER. SDCC always has some special toys you can only get there. I really like these. It's the modern-day comic book version of Batman & The Joker looks completely CRAZY. The packaging is really cool too, a nice set.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, haha!

Pulp Pantheon said...

I picked up that Joker figure on Preview Night. I really want to take it out of the box, but my girlfriend wont let me because she has it in her head that it's going to jump in value. I checked e-bay recently and it's being sold for $40 now, which is double what it was worth at Con so maybe she's right.

Jay Amabile said...

Batman looks like he's part of the World Bodybuilding Federation lol