August 27, 2008

Life-Size Batman Statue Made From Lego Bricks!!

A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Brian, sent us this really nice set of photos shot at a Toys-R-US toy store. At one time this toy store chain, at certain locations, would have a Life-Size Batman Statue on display! Of course, it was a promotional gimmick for the new Batman Lego Toy Sets. Brian wrote, "I got my picture taken with a life size Lego Batman back in January ( You can also see my two sons with him ). To kinda give you an Idea how big Batman was I am 6 foot 4"! ( Batman was on a podium ). Toys R US had it and if you guessed how many bricks it took to build it you got a prize." Ha Ha, Thanks for sharing the story & the wonderful photos with us Brian. When you guys walked into the toy store that day, & saw this, you all must have freaked out!! I've seen this thing in real-life & yeah, it's crazy! I wonder if anybody guessed the right amount of bricks? Thanks again for sending the awesome pics, I wanna invite ALL other Bat-Blog Readers with cool stuff like this to send it in!

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Anonymous said...

This thing is also at LegoLand California... I got a pic of myself with him just last night, if it came out well I'll send it in. They had a bunch of characters, Batman, Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, R2-D2, SpongeBob SquarePants, etc..