August 29, 2008

Baby Batman To The Rescue!

"Who's the cutest little Batman in all the world? You are! Yes, You are!", ha ha! The Bat-Blog has a MySpace page that we use for promotional purposes. I call it my "propaganda"! While surfing there the other day I came across this photo of an adorable little kid dressed like Batman. It's one of those small child-size Halloween Costumes that are kinda neat. I knew instantly that I had to contact the person who owned that page & beg them if I could post it here. He's a cute kid & seeing him dressed up like Batman is kinda funny! They were extremely cool about it & said, "Yes, please do". So, here's a photo of the cutest kid to ever dress-up as the Dark Knight...Baby Batman! Oh yeah, one last thing, if you have a MySpace page please send us a friend request & maybe place a Bat-Blog Banner on your page. The link button is on the top right-hand side of the page.

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