August 29, 2008


Yesterday I was running around town with my Sister & we hit a Target Store. When we walked in, right near the front of the store, they have an area that I call "The Dollar Store" area. Somehow I happened to look down while we passed it & instantly saw the Batman Bat-Symbol, ha ha! I'm like, "Wow, they have some Batman stuff!" We dug around & found all this neat Batman Memorabilia that is the "Comic Book" version & not the movie: 1 Light-Up Yo-Yo, 1 Package of 6 Push Pencils, 1 Package with 2 Barrel Pens, another Pack with 6 Pens, a Package of Temporary Tattoos, 2 Memo Notepads ( they have magnets on the back to attach on your refrigerator ), & 2 pair of toddler-size Batman Socks! I got all this neat stuff for less than 10 bucks. Later that day I had to go back to Target & went to another store. They had a Notebook Tablet with cool graphics on the front & another set of Barrel Pens that were different. If you're gonna hunt this stuff down just remember that it's near the front of the store & NOT the school supply area.

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