June 26, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT "4 SPINNING TOPS" Batman Movie Promotional CEREAL BOXES From General Mills.

OK, Most Batman Fans in the USA right now know about the DARK KNIGHT Movie Promotion that General Mills is doing with their line of cereal boxes but keeping up with it is sort of crazy! Here's the deal. All of their cereal brands have some sort of Batman prize or premium in the box ( NO "mail-aways" right now ). There are 4 different areas to collect: 3 Mini-Comic Book Booklets, 4 Batman & Joker Figures ( 2 of each character ), 4 Spinning Tops, & 4 Disc-Shooters. The booklets & figures are sort of random & to complete a set is just luck but one neat thing about this promo is that you can get the 4 Spinning Tops just by buying one box of 4 different brands of cereal. In other words 4 cereal boxes each have 1 very specific SPINNING TOP just for that box. The 4 cereals are Fruity Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch ( I really like the flavor of this one, ha ha ), Lucky Charms, & Reese's Puffs. In later posts I will be covering the other premiums so look for those in the future.

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Tony said...

I find it ironic that the one General Mills cereal not participating in this promotion is Count Chocula, the original "Bat-Man" cereal. It even has little marshmallow bats in it!