June 26, 2008

New HOT TOYS: 1/6th Scale BATPOD MOTORCYCLE For 12" Batman Figure (The Dark Knight version)

Oh yeah, I saved the BEST for last! This is the very special BATPOD MOTORCYCLE, made by HOT TOYS, that will be built to go along with their 12" ( 1/6th Scale ) Batman Figure!! I sincerely think that this is a true work of ART!! The detailing is totally insane & would be really great to have to display with the action figure. Please be sure to click on the above photos for larger, more detailed, pictures. Oh my god, if I only buy 1 Dark Knight movie item ( ok, 2, because I'll also need to have the figure, ha ha ) then this will be it!! Please COMMENT down below & let me know what you think about this toy line. I don't think I have seen any other new TDK merchandise that is more beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Well I am officially excited! I pretty much try and buy anything and everything Batman related, I've already spent a small fortune on The Dark Knight Mattel merchandise and truth be told, I've never really been blown away by the Mattel merch.

But wow, this Hot Toys stuff really is the best I've seen! I'm going to need a 2nd job too, I cant wait to get my hands on it!


tomztoyz said...

Yes, the Bat-pod is ultra beautiful!!

The only thing that scares me is the price!. If you can find a good deal on the doll it's still gonna be around $100.00. So, what's this Bat-Pod gonna cost?

I usually don't buy the high-end stuff because I'm poor. Plus, I like to reserve my money for rare vintage items from the 60's or 70's...stuff I had as a kid. But, I don't care, this Bat-Pod will be mine, ha ha ha!

whatistechnoagain said...

Sweeeet! The Batpod is going to be so cool in TDK, I can't wait!

Scott said...

Tomztoyz, I have to agree, I tend not to buy much of the high end stuff as I'm pretty poor too! I did'nt even buy the DC Direct 12" figure from Begins that I loved so much!

But I do try and buy pretty much all and anything to do with Batman! So I'll maybe put off buying every Mattel figure! Because this Hot Toys stuff is just too nice to pass up.

I know what you mean about the costs though; I'm not sure how; because as far as I know the Hot Toys merch is'nt available yet; but there are a few on Ebay from Hong Kong, not sure how exactly it translates into dollars but the figures are around £80.00 and they have the Tumbler for around £180.00!

Anonymous said...

I have ordered this and the batmobile 29inch 1/6 scale they're probably the two coolest movie vehicles ever in my opinion.