June 26, 2008

Old VINTAGE BATMAN Toys, Momorabilia, & Merchandise From Around The Globe!

Everything "Batman" on the internet lately has been the "Dark Knight, Dark Knight, Dark Knight" so I thought I would pop-up some old school merchandise! I also thought I would put an interesting twist on it & show stuff from around the world. Here we go! The 1st item is from both the 1960's & the UK so it's pretty RARE! This is a vintage package of BATMAN CANDY CIGARETTES. I seriously love the old retro graphics, it even has the 60's Batman Logo, nice! The 2nd piece of Bat-History is from Greece! This was an officially issued Coca-Cola BATMAN SODA POP CAN made around the time of the 1989 Batman Movie, very RARE too! The next item is one of my favorites. It's a box of JAPANESE 1960's BATMAN PLAYING CARDS, of course, from Japan! The last item is very special also. It's a BATMAN POCKET WATCH with retro-graphics of The PENGUIN Villain. The cool thing about this watch is that it's animated. The "Penguin Animal" you see standing next to him, it rocks back & forth with crazy movement! This baby is from the UK ( 1960's ) & is so RARE it's what we could easily call a "Museum Piece". One last thing, this is a message to all our friends from around the world. If you have photos of RARE Batman Memorabilia then please send them to us!! Sharing the love of the character & collecting is what the Bat-Blog is all about!!

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ozz said...

How subversive of the Batman to promote smoking, since we all know candy cigarettes lead to the real thing! Ha! But seriously, what's up with the gun he's holding in the packaging artwork. Somebody didn't do their homework.