March 26, 2008

NEW: French BATMAN PRODUCTS From France!

In response to a post we did recently about some "Foreign Batman Memorabilia" our friend Andrew sent these wonderful photos of some current Bat-items available in France. The 1st picture is my favorite & it's a box of Batman Cookies. The graphics are awesome! Oh yeah, in Europe they call cookies "Biscuits", so I guess this is a box of biscuits, ha ha! The next 2 sets of photos are the magazine covers to, what Andrew calls, "Baby Magazines" that are probably marketed to small children. They feature THE BATMAN & The TEEN TITANS cartoons. He said he gets them because they come with cool premiums like stickers, cards, watches, keychains, etc...Thanks Andrew for taking the time to photograph these & send them. I really appreciate that & I know my readers will enjoy seeing this rare Batman stuff. I wanna invite ALL Bat-Blog Readers to send photos, no matter where you live!

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