March 26, 2008


Regular Bat-Blog Readers know the drill! Every Wednesday we post 2 Brand-New BATMAN WALLPAPERS you can use as a background in a MySpace layout or to decorate your PC Desktop! Here are some with a JOKER theme. The 1st one is a new one at the Official DC Comics website where they kinda hype the soon-to-be-released BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE 20th Anniversary Graphic Novel Book ( I can't wait till this comes out & they're also gonna make some very cool Action Figures too ). The next Joker Wallpaper is extremely special because it was created by a friend of the Bat-Blog named "Bacon". He's a graphic designer dude with a lot of talent. He made this just for you guys & it's really cool! I like how, in the background, there's the phrase "WHY SO SERIOUS?" & the letter have a drop-shadow to give them a 3-D look. The graphic of Joker has the same shadow & it's just a neat trick-of-the-eye that I like. We wanna invite other readers to send us LARGE graphics we can use as backgrounds. Sharing information & the joy of Batman collecting is what this blog is all about!
CLICK HERE For More Batman Wallpapers for a Desktop or Free to Use The Dark Knight Backgrounds in a MySpace Layout!

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