March 26, 2008

The Bat-Blog is On The "I Believe in Harvey Dent" Viral Campaign Website!

OK, I know I'm a major bat-nerd now when I get really excited about being placed on THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Viral Website, ha ha! Warner Bros has created a page called "I BELIEVE IN HARVEY DENT" that is the base for their HARVEY DENT For DISTRICT ATTORNEY Political Campaign. It's a cool site that looks real & it allows people to get involved in different ways. One way is they have some really great PDF pictures that you can download & then take to a local printer to get bumper stickers or campaign posters printed, the graphics are nice! So, I had a "HARVEY DENT FOR GOTHAM CITY" banner made & put it on the back of my work truck. Plus, awhile back I found some LETTER vinyl stickers & put "BAT-BLOG.COM" on my back tailgate. Everywhere I drive or park I advertise the Bat-Blog, ha ha! OK, so I took a picture of the back of my truck & submitted it. It got accepted & is now on the page. The funny thing is that the "Bat-Blog.Com Propaganda"also appears in the photo! If any other readers have some great ideas to advertise the Bat-Blog then please let me know ( You guys might mention this site in a message board you belong to or post a bulletin at your MySpace page, hint, hint ). One last thing, in the picture down below are some of the Political Campaign Buttons & Stickers being given away by the DENTMOBILE. If any of you live in a town where they are appearing please get me some of these! I live in Oklahoma City & they are NOT even coming close to my area ( yeah, that sucks! ).


Zdravko Genov (Gotham Knight) said...

Nice! I also got my desktop on that site and I recieved a letter from Gotham City with info on online voting later in the year!
I also put up some "I believe in Harvey Dent" banners on my own Bat-Blog - Realm of The Bat

I've also got a Bat-blog widget and two Bat-blog banners!

Bubbashelby said...

You should be getting a new issue of The Gotham Times, a couple political posters, 2 stickers, a bumper sticker and a button in the mail soon - I just got mine today and I only submitted a pic to the last Joker related viral, not this Dent one.

tomztoyz said...

Yeah, it took awhile but I finally got my package in the mail & was extremely excited....they're giving away some nice stuff!!


VERSUS said...

Hey folks!

What is the address you wrote to to get this stuff? I'm assuming that because the movie has been out for a while, you can't get this stuff anymore, but I thought I'd try anyway.

Any help is greatly appreciated!