March 24, 2008

It's the 20th Anniversary of BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Graphic Novel Book!

It's hard to believe that Batman: The Killing Joke came out 20 years ago, this makes me feel really old! I remember when it came out (I still have my original copy). Even back then it was a very BIG deal because it was written by the famous comic book writer Alan Moore & the artwork by Brian Bolland is still extremely beautiful by today's standards. In fact, this graphic novel is ICONIC. Shown up above is the original 1988 comic book ad hyping the release of the original graphic novel, 20 yrs ago! That famous picture of The Joker has been made into T-Shirts, Posters, Banners, etc. If you have never read The Killing Joke you should because it's really an important piece of history in the Batman Comic Book Universe. Plus, it's just so incredibly well-written & drawn, a great book! Recently, DC Comics published a Special "20th Anniversary" Edition. Here's a link for more information, check it out!


chunky B said...

Wow, has it been 20 years already? I remember reading it when it came out, man do I feel old right now.

tomztoyz said...

Ha Ha, me too!

ozz said...

I think I prefer the re-colored version 20th Anniversary version. The muted colors add to the moodiness of the overall story, but especially added to the effectiveness of the flashbacks.

I found a side-by-side comparision of some pages from the original and the new version.