March 24, 2008

BATMAN TATTOO ART: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, & Catwoman Tattoos

One of our Bat-Blog Readers, named Peter, sent us these amazing photos of his 2 Batman-related Tattoos & they're AWESOME! Extremely well done with sharp lines & nice coloring. Basically it's the "GOTHAM GIRLS" done in the artwork-style of Bruce Timm from Batman: The Animated Series. On one arm he has the Catwoman leaping through the air & on the other arm is a graphic showing Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn together. I have always loved that Classic TV Cartoon & think this is a great choice for tattoo art. Thank you Peter for sending these wonderful photos. If any other readers have some pics to share then please send them in, we always appreciate it!
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!


Anonymous said...

Which tattoo artist or shop did this stunning work? I must know! Please post in the form of a reply. Thank you!

Peter Digby said...

The tattoos were done at Tattoo Magic in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. The tattoos were done in 2001, the Catwoman was done by Matt and Harley / Ivy by Suzie.

Toasty said...

Peter, is it possible to get the Harley/Poison Ivy colour lineart thingy from somewhere, as I would really like to get this tattoo but I am in the UK?

Was this something that was designed for you, or was it something that you downloaded? x Thanks v much

Peter Digby said...

I initally found the picture at
I then coloured it myself with input from the tattooist. I tried to keep the colouring the same as the 1st series of the animated seried.
There are more pictues available at under Animation \ Tattoos.

Toasty said...

Thanks very much! You're a star! xx