March 24, 2008

David & Victoria Beckham's Son, Cruz Beckham, Dressed in BATMAN BEYOND Costume.

OK, I hate tabloid news but the tabloids in the UK are going totally nuts over this & it is Batman-related so here we go. The famous LA couple David Beckham ( Soccer Player ) & his wife, Victoria ( Posh, from the Spice Girls ) have 3 children. The other day, in Los Angeles, "Posh" took her kids out to a movie for one of the kid's birthdays. But, it seems that their youngest son, 3 year old Cruz Beckham, stole the spotlight because he wore his BATMAN BEYOND costume to the show. ( Thanks to Andrew for telling me about this event ). I have to admit that the choice of this variation of Batman is kinda cool. Now, back to "real news".


Bubbashelby said...

When I saw that first picture, I thought the story was "Batman Beyond nabs the Scarecrow"

tomztoyz said...

Oh man, that's mean! But I do have to agree with that, ha ha!