December 23, 2007

JOKER / BATMAN TOYS Both Vintage & Modern!

Checking my Bat-Files, ha ha, I noticed that I have collected a few photos of some cool Joker Toys ( both past & present ) so that gets to be the post of the day. The 1st photo is of a Joker Pin-Up Poster that was drawn by the classic comic book artists Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson. Ya gotta admit that this is a beautiful piece of ART! The 2nd item is the sheet music for THE MAN WHO LAUGHS. OK, This is not an official piece of Batman merchandise. But, this is the picture that inspired Bob Kane to help create the Joker & it's sorta famous among Batman fans & collectors. ( Notice I said, "helped" to create ). The 3rd item is an amazing example of Batman/Joker Memorabilia. It's the FIST-FIGHTING JOKER Mego 8" Doll in Original Box with Karate Kung-Fu Action! This was released in the 1970's & is EXTREMELY RARE!! ( Thank You Jimmy for sending that photo). Following the doll is a nice photo of the recent JOKERMOBILE Diecast car made by Corgi. Recently Corgi made a ton of these Batman-related vehicles, mostly many different variations of the Batmobile, but this is one of my favorites. The next pic is an example of a few DC Comics Mini-Mates "action figures" made by DC Direct. I really love the one of Harley Quinn. The last photo is very current but because of limited quantity is extremely RARE. Warner Bros recently gave away a few Joker T-Shirts has part of their DARK KNIGHT Movie Viral-Marketing Campaign. The t-shirt was presented in a gift box with the logo for a fake company called "Gotham Novelties, Inc". It's funny because it says, "Est. 1928", ha ha! The T-Shirt of Heath Ledger's face is kinda cool but I really love the beautiful gift box more. Whew! This was a lot to cover. If ANY readers have some really RARE or super-cool collections of Joker Memorabilia then please send us some photos to share...Thanks!


Bubbashelby said...

Correction: Detective #27 came out in 1939.

tomztoyz said...

Thanx Bubbashelby,
I made a mistake. It was early in the morning & I had not had my coffee yet, ha ha! I fixed it...carry on!