December 25, 2007

Batman, Joker, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, & Poison Ivy Art Commissions By Shawn Surface

Every loyal Bat-Blog Reader knows that I love ART! I love all kinds of art: Fine Art, Commercial Art, Graphic Art, Comic Book Art...etc! The other day I came across a promotional page for Shawn Surface. He runs a studio called SURFACE ART STUDIOS. His artwork is pretty amazing & rendered with clean lines that are very realistic looking. He has a neat personal style. The cool thing I found out is that he is available for commissions at both his website & the many Comic Book Conventions he does. Shown up above are just a few examples of his awesome artwork. If ya wanna see more then be sure to check out his site & if you talk with him be sure to mention the Bat-Blog sent ya! The graphic-logo down below is "clickable". So, Click It!
Official Website of Shawn Surface's SURFACE ART STUDIOS

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