September 14, 2007

Batman Comic Book Cover : Neal Adams' Wrap Around

Neal Adams is an icon in the world of comic books. There are many reasons. He was very influential in having DC Comics recognize Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster for creating Superman. He brought an extreme realism to comic art & also brought in issues with politics ( drug use, racism, etc..). Then he also did a lot of "wrap-around" covers. Here's an example. This is the cover for Batman #238. It's really cool how the front & back is one seamless! Thanks Neal.


Percy Trout said...

What's that yellowish blob near Super-Monkey... "Super-Mashed Potatoes?"

David said...

That's Proty, Chameleon Boy's pet and member of the Legion of Super-Pets.

Either that, or Colossal Boy just sneezed.

tomztoyz said...


Thanks for the answer. I too was wondering what that blob was, ha ha!

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