September 13, 2007

Unusual RARE 1966 Batmobile Toy Car By PLAYART Toys

A new friend to the olde Bat-Blog, named Eric, recently got this 1:64 scale Playart Batmobile Toy Car. It's really cool & very RARE! He sent us the photo & is wondering who made it because he had never seen it before. I too have never heard of a toy company called Playart nor have I ever seen this version of the 1966 Batmobile. If any reader knows please send us some information. I'm guessing it's a company from the UK, maybe? He got this '66 Batmobile toy car in a trade with someone who got it from a Swap Meet in Mississippi so it could have come from anywhere! Thanks for sending the wonderful photos Eric. They're really sharp!


popsracer said...

that is ultra-cool. I recall getting play-art die-cast toys at Woolworths stores in the late 70's. They had a large variety of models that looked like knock-offs.

Anonymous said...

This is a 1966 Plaart Batmobile, made in Hong Kong.
I just bought one mint on card. There were two kinds of this car, one with red Batman and Robin and one with blue figures.
I would like to sent you a picture iff you like.
Regarts Batmanjoop from the Netherland.