August 30, 2007

Designer Sneakers : BATMAN SHOES By Ubiq Fatima of Japan

While using a Japanese Search Engine I found these NEW Batman "Designer" Sneakers by a company called UBIQ FATIMA. They feature Golden Age graphics of 1940's Batman Newspaper Comic Strips. They are only available in Japan & maybe some super-exclusive stores in the US. The only price quote I was able to find is the Japanese price of 16,800 Yen. Which, I think, is about $146.50 US Dollars. There are 2 choices: One is colored with bright primary colors and the other is pure black & white. I love the shoe box design & the use of the vintage-style Batman comic book logo on the back of the shoe is really cool! I'm too poor to afford these right now so if any Bat-Blog members are super-rich ( & feeling generous ) you can buy me a pair of these cool shoes, ha ha! No, seriously, just ask for my address.


Anonymous said...

heya i was wondering where did u find these trainers to buy?! as i have the amount of money but i cant find them ANYWHERE and i really want them.....please help

if u could send me the link to my email address its



Foxy said...

I love these sneakers