June 28, 2007

BATMAN TATTOO PHOTO: Jim Lee's Batman & Superman

Recently, while cruising through MySpace, I came across this really cool picture of a Batman & Superman Tattoo. I'm not exactly sure of the comic book art work it was inspired from but I think the comic book artist was Jim Lee. ( If any body knows where the actual art work is then please send it ). It features a modern day Batman with the gray suit, simple black bat-logo on the chest, & the "army pouches" bat-belt. This Batman & Superman tattoo work was done by DAVE WAUGH TATTOOS & we think he did a great job on it! I mean, check out the photo...it's ART! The tattoo artist's website URL is shown on the photo so be sure to check out his site sometime & maybe get some work done, this guy is gooood!


Great White Snark said...

Hey... as a pretty serious Batman fan, I get a kick out of all the cool retro toys and other stuff that you highlight on your site. By the way, I've got a Batman tattoo, too, but nowhere nearly as big or elaborate as this one.


tomztoyz said...

I checked it out, it's pretty cool....word!

ozz said...

Cool tattoo.