June 28, 2007

THE DARK KNIGHT Movie BATMAN Mattel Action Figure Photo

Here's a picture of the Batman action figure prototype made by Mattel for THE DARK KNIGHT movie. This was presented at the recent 2007 NYC Licensing Show where Mattel announced they will be the "official toy maker" for THE DARK KNIGHT movie, the sequel to Batman Begins. There will be TDK figures of Christian Bale's Batman ( shown here ), Heath Ledger's Joker, etc...even the BAT-POD Bat-Bike Motorcycle we have all been seeing lately. They will also make the BAT-POD into a special R/C Remote Control toy. That sounds cool!


Daily P.O.P. said...

Nice blog!

While I love what I've seen of the new costume design in production pics, it really doesn't work for me as a toy.

It might be the coloring... I dunno.

ozz said...

I agree about the coloring.