June 27, 2007

BATMAN Desktop Background Wallpapers

As you all know we post 2 Batman Desktop Background Wallpapers every Wednesday because that day is always "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" at the BAT-BLOG!! The 1st Batman Desktop Wallpaper is an awesome graphic for a MySpace page layout because it's centered & has a lot of color. The 2nd one looks great as a Desktop Wallpaper & is from the Official DC Comics website. It too would be great as a background for a MySpace layout because the graphics are so great! See you tomorrow.
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jgodsey said...

if the Bat really had his hand where he appears to have his hand...then they would be very special friends indeed.

tomztoyz said...

Ha Ha, I agree. I thought this artwork was really awesome because it's so "stylized" that it's the kind of graphics you don't see everyday. Thanx for the response, glad ya like it. Please be sure to check back every Wednesday for more wallpapers. We also have a special BATMAN WALLPAPERS page you might like. the link is on the right-side of the blog. Also, be sure to check the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for about 50+ Batman Wallpapers. We have been posting 2 new ones every Wed for almost a year!!