March 22, 2007

SUPER-RARE Vintage 60's Batman Weapon Toys!!

In this quick posting we wanted to present 2 very ultra-rare Vintage 1960's Batman Toys that are toy weapons for crime fighting! The 1st one is a Batman Water Pistol Toy Gun made by Lincoln International ©1966. It's shown here on a beautiful display card with the toy attached, drool, drool! The 2nd photo is of a cool "foreign market" Batman toy called BATI-ESPOSAS & as you can see they are a pair of play hand-cuffs, or I guess, "Bat-Cuffs". These were marketed in Argentina & are quite RARE also!! The Bat-Blog would like to thank our friend Ramiro for sending the "bat-cuffs" photo. If any other readers have some cool personal photos to share of anything Batman-related then please do so!
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1 comment:

ozz said...

Even though it's just a water gun, it's still odd to see any kind of gun associated with the Batman.