March 22, 2007

RARE Batman & Robin SUPER JUNIORS Vintage 1978 Rubber Vinyl Squeeze Toys

Who's the cutest little Batman & Robin ever? You are, Yes you are! Here's a set of two Batman & Robin 7" tall rubber-vinyl dolls that if you squeeze they make a sqweeky-sound like a dog toy, ha ha! These were made in 1978 for the foreign market & are called "Super Juniors". This was Warner Brothers' attempt to present some DC Comics characters as little kids but it must have never taken off. Also in this set were a Superman & Wonder Woman ( not shown ). It's sort of a mystery as to what other Super Juniors products were produced. I know that there is some "Super Juniors Contact-Sheet Paper" made in Italy. It featured the 4 characters listed above plus Green Arrow, Green Lantern, & maybe a few other characters. Other than the dolls & contact paper I'm not sure what else they made so if you have something in this wacky "Super Jrs" series then please send more info & especially a photo if ya got it!


Earth 2 Chris said...

There's quite a bit of Super Juniors merchandise out there. My wife collects it, and our sons' room is decorated in vintage Super Jrs. stuff found on ebay. Wallpaper, curtains, pillows, etc.

Here's a link to a pic of some of her Jr. collection. The figures in the plastic case are customs made from Kelly dolls.


tomztoyz said...

Thanx for your comment but I checked that LINK you posted & could not find the pix you're talking about. Could you please e-mail us some of the photos? We're dieing to see what the curtains, wallpaper, & other items look like...ha ha!
Thanx, Tommy