March 23, 2007

BATMANIA Batman Fan 1960's Fanzine Magazine

Now, these Batman Fan magazines are EXTREMELY RARE! Here's a set of BATMANIA Batman Fanzines, Issues # 1 thru 19. This was a magazine for Batman Fans published by artist / writer BILJO WHITE in the mid 60's, about 2 yrs before the Batman TV Series premiered in 1966. This was a grass-roots level publication that covered everything Batman. Sort of like the BAT-BLOG in magazine form, ha ha! Please click on the photo up above to enlarge it to a giant-sized photo. I put it up this big so that you could enjoy the incredible artwork by Biljo White. He did all the covers & from a graphic art point of view they are super great!! My favorite is issue #4 which shows Batman & Robin racing away in the Batmobile & it's shown at a weird angle you never see. Many more of them are really great too & we hope you enjoy this RARE chance to see these extremely hard-to-find masterpieces!! Be sure to check back with the BAT-BLOG often for more Batman eye-candy...See y'all tommorrow!!


Ray said...

Wow - now, making scans of these issues available on Usenet or otherwise would be a tremendous community service... I remember reading one issue of Batmania in the 70s, and my issue is still one of my favorite momentos of pop culture childhood.

tomztoyz said...

Thanx for your interest. Yes, if somebody put these on some forum for people to view then that would be great!! I really like the vintage look of the artwork, looks cool! I have NEVER seen an issue of this fanzine.

ozz said...

Those would be interesting to look through. I wonder what the content was like.