February 21, 2007

Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday! CATWOMAN From Jim Lee's Hush & SCARECROW From The Batman Animated Series

For this Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday I thought I would post these two great BATMAN VILLIAN wallpapers! One is a graphic of CATWOMAN drawn by the modern-day comic book artist Jim Lee! I love his attention to fine detail & the coloring is always top notch! The 2nd picture is a photo of an original animation cel of SCARECROW from Batman, The Animated Series. If you're looking for a specific image for Batman Wallpaper be sure to visit our BAT-BLOG WALLPAPER PAGE for about 40 different images. Also, if you click on the "Wallpaper Tag" down below it will show you ALL the wallpapers we have posted here ( which are not on the Wallpaper page ). Another route is to use the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for ones posted in the past. All-in-all we have over 100 Batman Wallpapers for you to find & enjoy! Plus remember, every Wednesday is "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" here at the BAT-BLOG!!

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