February 20, 2007

Vintage 1970's Corgi Toy Cars PENGUINMOBILE & Corgi Junior Batman BATMOBILE ~ MIB / MIP

Shown here, for your viewing pleasure, are 2 very RARE Corgi Diecast Vintage Batman Toys. The 1st photo is Batman's Classic Batmobile in original blister-pack card with Corgi Junior graphics. This was made in 1978, product #39. The 2nd photo is the PENGUINMOBILE still in it's original display box. I love the picture of the Penguin dropping from the sky with his umbrella, cool! This was made by Corgi in 1979, product #259. Be sure to check out the BAT-BLOG ARCHIVES for many more Vintage Batman Toys by Corgi, Mego, Kenner, Ideal, Transogram, Marx, etc...


Adrian James said...

Hey buddy! AdrianJames here! Just moved my comic blog from livejournal to blogger. You can find it at: www.ajcomicblog.blogspot.com

Its now called The Pull Box andi'm adding you a link right now.

Corgi Toy Cars said...

Hi, love the photos of the Corgi batmobile and Penguin. Will do a piece in my blog on the batmobile next month. Hope you don't mind if I use your photo, as it's the best one I've found. Will include the back link of course.
Cheers. Brian - Corgi Toy Cars.com