September 28, 2006

Rare Batman Collectibles From the 1960's, Again!

Every now & then I post some photos of some really hard-to-find & SUPER-RARE Batman Toys. These are a great example of that. Included here are: an extremely RARE Batman Peanut Butter & Jelly Jar from 1966. I dare anybody to try & find that! It's so RARE that it is almost non-existant & when it shows up on eBay then it goes for $500+! The next 2 items are sorta food-related. A SUPER-RARE 60's Candy Wrapper ( gum? ) & a semi-common 1966 Batman GRAPE DRINK Carton. The last photo is a nice RARE set of Batman Mask Specs made by the Marx Toy Co in 1966. Start drooling now, ha ha!

1 comment:

tacreel said...

I match your dare, but I just ran into a couple of Batman apple jelly glasses from 1966 with paper labels in excellent condition. They also have their lids with "POW GET 5 BATMAN PENNANTS". I guess I can't send in a get these anymore. I'm collector of good old items (like me) and was wondering if you could enlighten me anymore on these glasses.
Thanks in advance