September 29, 2006

Steve Rude : Comic Book Artist Painting on eBay!

For those not familuar with STEVE RUDE he's a really great artist & illustrator who's worked on many projects in the comic book industry. My personal favorite was when he drew the RARE comic book adapation of SPACE GHOST. Not the stupid "talk show" version but the original 1960's Classic TV Cartoon. That comic is a real treasure & you should seek it out at your friendly neighborhood comic book shop! He has a very distinct style. Lately he's been selling his artwork on eBay, of all places! Pictured above is a painting he recently sold & I'm sure he's gonna be offering more items soon so be sure to keep an eye out.

1 comment:

ozz said...

Cool painting. Looks like the Batman has found himself smackdab in the middle of a bad situation!