September 8, 2009

CORGI TOYS Batman RIDDLER CAR Production Art - Desktop Wallpaper!

I recently did a post where we featured some Production Art for a few Batman 1:43rd Scale Batmobile Corgi Cars that were never made. Diecast Toy Collectors call them "Unproduced Cars". Anyway, it seemed to be a pretty popular post with a lot of Corgi Fans contacting me. One such guy was a new friend named Jason. He lives in Chicago & actually sort of worked with the team that was creating these cars. In fact, he was the guy who suggested they make a Mothmobile! Now, I really love that car so thanks to Jason we got it. Another neat thing about the e-mail was he sent this Production Art of another "Unproduced Corgi Car". They did have plans to make a Riddler-themed one but never did. That's a shame because it looks pretty cool! Now, the photo he sent was pretty BIG so I decided to make a Desktop Wallpaper out of it. So, if you click on it to get the large version, then you can right-click & make it your desktop background...enjoy! Oh yeah, before I forget, Thank you Jason for sending the stories & the photo, I always appreciate that!
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Bubbashelby said...

Thanks Jason for the Mothmobile - I sure wish this Riddlermobile would have made it into production!

Anonymous said...

Well, someone would have thought of him anyways. I hope!

You are welcome just the same!

I think it makes a nifty collectable and goes great with the Killer Moth action figure Mattel released earlier this year.