August 25, 2009

Kenner's SUPER POWERS 25th Anniversary - The JOKER Action Figure!

Besides having a lot of superheroes in the Kenner SUPER POWERS Action Figures line-up they also featured some really evil Super-Villains too! One of my personal favorites was this great figure of The JOKER! He's wearing his classic purple suit & his weapon accessory was really great too. It was a Giant-Mallet Hammer that, if you look closely, had his face & evil grin on it, a very nice detail. The action figure also came with a special Comic Book. Well, more like a booklet. But the artwork was amazing & it was a fun story. In fact, I posted a scan of it here for you to enjoy...have fun!

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Nathan O'Brien said...

Man, this brings back some memories. I had the Joker, Batman and Robin. I think they still maybe at my parents house. I should get over there and check it out. Cheers for great coverage!