August 24, 2009

Kenner's SUPER POWERS 25th Anniversary - The PENGUIN Action Figure!

OK, after just featuring the Joker I knew I couldn't leave out The Penguin! ACK ACK! He was another "Batman Super Villain" mixed into the group of characters in the Kenner SUPER POWERS Action Figure line-up! I remember having this toy a long time ago & it's really wonderful to revisit him once again! Originally, he came with an umbrella-weapon accessory ( shown here ). Also, just like the "Joker Figure" post, I'm showing a reprint of the original mini-comic booklet that came with the figure...enjoy!


Luke said...

The Penguin was a great toy! I remember having to grab my Super Powers Penguin every time he was the bad guy on an episode of Batman, which was being rerun on WPIX when I was a kid.

ozz said...

Cool idea to post the comics. I wonder how many times the "goose is cooked" quip has been used in The Batman vs. The Penguin stories over the years!