July 11, 2008


Most Bat-Blog Readers are very intelligent, really good looking, & very creative, ha ha. Here's an example: Our friend Kevin, who custom built this "Tumbler Batmobile PC Mod", has just put it up for sale on eBay. So, this is your rare opportunity to buy this famous custom computer! Basically he took a very large RC Remote Control Tumbler Batmobile & gutted-out the insides. Then he replaced the inside with computer parts so that it's an actual running/working PC! Personally, I think it's a beautiful piece of ART!! He runs a website where he explains all the technical stuff. If you would like to read the specs you can check out that page by clicking the CASE MOD GOD link button down below. There is also some more information on his eBay listing. You can see that by clicking the EBAY logo.

CLICK HERE To Visit The Official CASE MOD GOD Website for specs on Custom Tumbler Batmobile PC Mod Computer!

CLICK HERE To Visit The Official eBay listing for the Custom Tumbler Batmobile PC Mod Computer!

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Unknown said...

thanks for the compliments! you really know how to butter us up lol...