December 14, 2015

New #BATGIRL Yvonne Craig Tribute WALL MURAL ART in Dallas, Texas! #OakCliffBatgirl

An amazing Artist named Steve Hunter just finished a huge BATGIRL "YVONNE CRAIG TRIBUTE" Wall Mural in Dallas, Texas and here are some pics to prove it!!

Of course some of you serious fans might know that Yvonne Craig grew up in the "Oak Cliff" part of town. So this makes it even more sweet.

If you're nearby, you go check it out at 317 North Bishop Avenue. Also, please remember to send the BAT-BLOG a pic of your adventure for sure!

Oh yeah, if you would like to leave a message for the artist, or view more of his kick ass artwork, then please visit his FACEBOOK page. We are also posting his business card down below if you would like to hire him, thanks!

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