December 14, 2015

First Look at Some NEW BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie Products & Toys!

With a release date of March 25th, 2016, the new BATMAN V SUPERMAN Movie is only about 3 months away and a few pictures of new product tie-ins are starting to be leaked. Here are a few that caught my eye.

You already know they're gonna be releasing a TON of TOYS and here's some pics showing Mattel's line of BVS Action Figures. I like these mega-sized ones, they're pretty cool!

Oh yeah, speaking of "Mattel", they have already released a BVS Batmobile Hot Wheels Car that you can start hunting for now!

Then, Scholatsic Books is gonna be coming out with a series of books for children. Here's a look at one of them. It's titled, "Cross Fire". If ya want it, I think it's already listed on Amazon.

Then, last but not least, here's a teaser photo showing 2 different cereal boxes for General Mill's BATMAN V SUPERMAN CEREAL! Not sure when these come out but I'm a huge Cereal Box Fan so I will get these for sure!

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