August 16, 2014

THE JOKER and HARLEY QUINN COSPLAY - #Batman Comic Book Art Tributes!

OK, I'll say it right now. This guy, Anthony, is my totally complete FAVORITE JOKERS out of all the Cosplayers who are doing variations of the character. I just think that Anthony is one of the best because his costume, hair, and make-up are all so extremely well done. He goes by the name, "Harley's Joker".

Shown here are 2 examples of his photography and they are both homages to some extremely iconic images of the character. I know you will recognize the 1st image as the cover to Brian Bolland's classic graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. I mean, it's DEAD-ON!

I have included some examples of the original images so you can see how close they replicate the source material:

Then, down below is another photo. This one is a take on a very famous image of the Joker and his Girlfriend, Harley Quinn, as painted by Alex Ross. You know the image. Well, check out their version!

The girl in the image is Anthony's actual girlfriend in real-life. She's a serious Cosplayer too and goes by the name of "Joker's Harley". 

One last thing I'd like to mention. You can get both of these images as art prints and 11 X 17 posters from their official website, the JOKER EMPORIUM

Also, You can find both of them by visiting their Facebook Fan Pages, just CLICK HERE for Joker and HERE for Harley.

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