August 16, 2014

DAVE & ADAM'S CARD WORLD Has Acquired the Highest-Graded Copy of Detective Comics #27

Alongside the 75th anniversary of Batman, Dave & Adam's Card World has acquired the highest ever graded copy of Detective Comics #27. As you know, this features the first appearance of "the Bat-Man". To commemorate the anniversary, they created a Batman Comic timeline (which you can view on their website) and have brought the comic book to the San Diego Comic-Con where attendees can view this amazing piece of bat-history in person.

According to the CGC census , there have only been 59 of these comics still in existence. Of the 59 comics, this is the highest graded issue ever with a grading of 9.4 (near mint) restored (A-3). To date, the other highest grades have been 9.2 (near mint -) and one 9.0 (very fine/near mint), with no other issues in mint to near mint condition.

Previous record sales of this comic included sales of $1,075,000 (CGC grade of 8.0) & 657,250 (CGC grade of 7.5) and $575,000 (CGC grade of 6.0) in 2010. Additionally, last year another Detective Comics #27 (CGC grade of 6.5) sold for $567,625. 

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