August 4, 2014

New BATMAN COMIC BOOK Character Watches Spotted at Kohl's Store!

Please let me explain this real quick. Here are some totally great photos sent in to us by a BAT-BLOG Fan who was kind enough to take these pics.

Basically, he had returned from a Kohl's Store where he found these cool BATMAN Character Watches and wanted to share the news. That's awesome! 

One of the watches has a slide projector that shines 10 different images, with one of them being the Bat-Signal! Plus, the other one is a Pocket Watch!

OK, here's what I have to explain. I always give credit to the people who submit stuff... but this time I had written the person's name down and lost it. Yes, I forgot who sent it. If it's YOU, then I apologize. Hey, my life gets hectic sometimes and I'm also a complete moron, hee hee. 

But, THANK YOU for sharing these fun pix, they're really cool!

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