August 4, 2014

New BATMAN CAR EMBLEMS Turn Your Car Into a Custom Batmobile!

OK, I'll admit it, I went a little crazy with the photos on this post, ha! But I recently came across all these great pics showing some brand-new BATMAN AUTOMOBILE PRODUCTS that I knew I had to share!

They're Truck and Car "Chrome" Bat-Emblems that all have a "Batman" Theme! There are a few different Bat-Symbol ones, and some that are more comic book character-based. 

Some of the pics will give you a good idea on size and scale. I plan on getting a couple of these but can't decide right now. I mean, I can't buy them all! 

If YOU want some of these for yourself then just CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, here are the BATMAN BAT-SYMBOL LOGO ones they have: I think the last one with the rhinestones is hideous!

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