August 2, 2014

CLASSIC 1966 BATMAN WALLPAPERS - Batgirl, Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder!

Anyone who has been following the BAT-BLOG for the last 7 or 8 years knows that, every now and then, we love to post BATMAN-THEMED WALLPAPERS. We try to create a wide variety for everybody so here are two that celebrate the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series.

The 1st wallpaper features Batman ( Adam West version ) and Robin, the Boy Wonder ( Burt Ward ). But, they are in PLUSH TOY form, ha ha! 

Yes, these totally brand-new Talking Dolls of the Dynamic Duo are way too cool (there is also one of the Joker, not shown here). Also, if I remember right, they're about 17 inches tall... so they're pretty BIG too! Anyway, thought it would be a fun graphic.

Next up, because of the recent SDCC event I have been on sort of a "Cosplay Appreciation" kick lately and came across this lovely Woman doing some extremely nice BATGIRL Cosplay! She is also the "Yvonne Craig" version, just like the TV Show.

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