August 2, 2014

Awesome BATMAN Tattoo Photos! The BAT-LOGO and JIM LEE Art!

Hey, the BAT-BLOG is all about Batman and the love of the character. One way people express this is to get a Tattoo. Now, regardless of how you feel about that, it's a really great art form & fun. So, here we go!

This 1st pic is from a friend of ours named Craig who reached out to us and wanted to show his BATMAN BAT-LOGO Chest-Emblem that is literally life-size and on his actual chest! Dang, that must have really hurt, ha! Yes, Craig is a serious Bat-Fan, that's cool! The artwork is really sharp and clean, nice. (Thanks Craig).

Then, down below, is another great piece of BATMAN Tattoo Art! Here's a pic from a guy named Michael who I met on Twitter. He was inspired by some original comic book art done by Jim Lee. It's really amazing with great shading and nice colors, good job. (Thanks Michael).

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