July 26, 2014

Twitterhead's 1966 BATMAN TV “Signature Series” Maquette Statue Revealed at SDCC by Adam West!

One of the many "Batman" events that have happened at this year's San Diego Comic Con so far to tie-in with the 75th Anniversary of the character is the announcement, by both the Actor Adam West and the Twitterhead Company, that they will be adding a Classic 1966 Batman Maquette Statue to their Batman “Signature Series” line of products!

Yes, they have made a beautiful Julie Newmar Catwoman (all ready out, if you have not seen it, CLICK HERE) and here's one of Adam West, sweet!

The Suggested Retail Price will be around $299.99. It will be 1/6th Scale(12.5 inches tall) and due around December, 2014.

Extremely Limited Production:

Includes a Hand Numbered Backstamp (edition size TBD)
Includes a Special Certificate Autographed by Mr Adam West
Batman comes with ½ of the Batcomputer (Robin will include the second half)

Sculpted by: Trevor Grove
Paint Master: David Fisher

Concept Art: Joe Allard/Design Devil

For ordering information just CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, before I forget, here's a photo showing Adam West at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con presenting the statue in the Twitterhead Booth!!

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